Ride The Powder – An Introduction to Splitboarding

Explore the backcountry and earn your turns

Splitboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more snowboarders seek out new challenges and experiences in the mountains. An escape from crowded ski resorts, splitboarding allows you to explore the backcountry, where the snow is fresher, the runs are longer, and the scenery is unparalleled. “The entire journey is very exciting and satisfying,” explains Emanuel Misslinger, co-founder of Alpenature, and an experienced snowboard guide from Stanton Straightlines, “I enjoy the peacefulness climbing up the untouched snow, reaching the summit and of course, riding deep fresh powder.”


Splitboarding gives snowboarders access to terrain that would otherwise be unreachable by snowmobile or other motorized vehicles, giving them the opportunity to explore new and remote areas.


A more environmentally friendly way to explore the backcountry, splitboarding rely mainly on physical strength and stamina, instead of cable cars which require gasoline or other fossil fuels.


Splitboarding requires more physical exertion than traditional snowboarding, which can be beneficial for those who wants to build stamina and stay in shape during the winter months. 


Compared to snowmobiles or helicopters, splitboarding is a relatively low-cost way to access go off-piste. Additionally, once you’ve invested in the equipment, there are no ongoing costs associated with fueling or maintaining a vehicle.


Splitboarding allows snowboarders to venture into the ungroomed snow without relying on a guide or tour operator. This gives them the freedom to explore at their own pace and on their own terms. Remember to do your homework and check out the snow conditions beforehand.


Many people enjoy touring with friends and splitboarding can be a social activity. Nothing beats the experience of going off-piste and sharing a memorable experience together.


“I enjoy the peacefulness climbing up the untouched snow, reaching the summit and of course, riding deep fresh powder.”



What are some tips for staying safe while splitboarding in the backcountry?

Splitboarding in the backcountry can be a thrilling and rewarding
experience, but it is important to prioritize safety. Always familiarize
yourself with the current weather, snow and avalanche conditions, as well as your route and surrounding terrain. Always carry and know how to use essential safety gear, such as a beacon, shovel, and probe. Travel with a partner and establish clear communication protocols, and let someone know your plan.

What is the best way to prepare for a splitboarding trip, both physically and mentally?

Focus on your physical fitness, including cardiovascular and strength
training, as well as proper nutrition. Mental preparation includes
researching the area and weather conditions, being aware of the risks and having a plan in case of emergencies and having a positive attitude and open mind. Additionally, having proper equipment and knowing how to use it can greatly enhance your experience.

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